Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More Freleng

In Tom Sito's entry for August 28, he mentions that when he applied for work at DePatie-Freleng in 1977, he was interviewed by Friz himself. The same thing happened to me in March of 1978 when I applied there. Friz spent some time talking to me and looking over my portfolio. I have to admit that while I was in his office, I was busy looking over the figurines and memorabilia on the shelves.

The letter I printed from Freleng predated my attempt to work at his studio. I responded to it with a question about his crew and got a quick follow-up from him:
"The story men working for me at MGM were Joe Barbera, Allen Freleng (my brother), Hector Allen and Dan Gordon. The animators were Bill Littlejohn, Jack Zander, Emery Hawkins, Irv Spence, Richard Bickenbach and George Gordon."


Anonymous said...

I thought Heck Allen's real name was Henry?

Mark Mayerson said...

You're right, but I guess Friz didn't know that.

For the record, Heck Allen wrote western novels under the names Will Henry and Clay Fisher.