Saturday, December 09, 2006

Walt Disney's Birthplace For Sale on Ebay

The Chicago Tribune reports that the house at 2156 N. Tripp Avenue, built by Elias Disney in 1892 and the birthplace of Walt Disney, is up for sale on Ebay. Starting bid is $250,000. This seems like the kind of thing that somebody should be interested in. I don't know if Chicago has a historical society, but this would be a likely candidate for preservation. Perhaps the Disney company or Disney family would be interested in buying it, restoring it and possibly relocating it.

If I hadn't just bought a new house...

(Thanks to The Comics Reporter for the links.)

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Anonymous said...

This house is now owned by an absentee landlord and a haven for crime. There have been at least three reports of gunfire and a street gang occupying the basement illegally have beat local residents in broad daylight. Its a pit and the current owner, an executive with a local cable tv station should be ashamed of herself.