Monday, January 22, 2007

Prepare to Board!

Nancy Beiman has created a commercial for her new book, Prepare to Board! The book is scheduled for release on March 2 and is up for pre-order at

Nancy's career has included animating on features for Disney and Amblin' as well as stints doing character design, storyboarding, directing and children's book illustration.

She's a long-time friend of mine, so I had the opportunity to read the book in manuscript. I think that it's a solid book on writing and boarding for animation with excellent visual examples. It also features work by some of her students at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

As an added bonus, Nancy has included three previously unpublished interviews with Ken O'Connor, Ken Anderson and T. Hee, which should make the book interesting reading for animation historians as well as artists.


Anonymous said...

I Love All of the Pre-1986 MGM/UA Library.

Nancy said...

Which is not excerpted or referred to in any way in my book. Sorry.

Boris Hiestand said...


I'll still get it though!

warren said...

I find this book to be pretty handy!

I've only done a few feature-type shows, and the exercises in here are great for students or working artists who want to keep on their toes. Obviously you know what you're talking about, Nancy.

Good job!