Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shane Glines on Animagic

I don't know anything more about the Animagic layoff and the production of Nate the Great than I've read at the link below. I also don't know Shane Glines, though I think he's a very good designer and somebody with excellent taste. Unfortunately, the story that Glines tells is all too typical about the way many animation projects are run these days. Read the thread on Animation Nation.


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Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed at people who cannot discern between design that is appealing and that which is not. I also keep hearing how shows are deliberately designed ugly and crudely drawn to be accepted as hip and edgy. (That covers practically everything on "Adult Swim", in my opinion.)

I try to address this phenomenon in my character design class by showing examples of what I personally consider to be both well designed shows and poorly designed shows. I analyze them in terms of appeal such as shape, colour palette, clarity of characterization and performance. My students may not all agree with my personal opinions (and I don't expect them to), but hopefully my assessment using the various criteria will at least get them observing more critically and able to discern better what works and what doesn't in a design.

Sadly, there are many shows out there currently that I believe suffer from really awkward design. I'm really glad to see from Shane's account that he was not afraid to confront the studio with the "ugly" truth.