Friday, December 21, 2007

Andrew Loomis

Issue twenty of Illustration magazine has a lengthy article by Jack Harris on Andrew Loomis, the magazine illustrator and author of several highly influential books on drawing. The article contains many full color images of Loomis's work and Harris has spoken to members of the Loomis family to get biographical information. Thumbnails of the issue can be seen here.

The next issue will feature an article on Gustaf Tenggren, an artist who spent time at the Disney studio and was a major influence on the look of Pinocchio. You can see thumbnail previews of that article here.


Mitchel Kennedy said...


Animators everywhere seem to just scribble figures. I like how other types of artists draw the figure more. Loomis was amazing -- I love his for all its worth book!

Thankssss Mark

Jenny Lerew said...

What a gorgeous cover. I love this magazine(my only criticism is that I wish it were three times bigger each issue)...thanks for the heads up.

gemini82 said...

Man I've been screaming about loomis for years. Its good to see him being featured in a magazine. Now if only the loomis family would put the books back into print.

So many students are missing out on some of the best art instructional books of the twentieth century.

I remember rushing to kinko's to print Creative illustration and figure drawing for all it's worth. (which i do feel a bit guilty for doing)

Sorry lor the long post.When ever I hear something about loomis, which is few and far between, i tend to get a bit excited.

Kevin said...

We were encouraged at the American Academy of Art in Chicago to get Loomis' books, like Creative Illustration and Figure Drawing For All It's Worth. He was a former teacher there in the 30's. Great great stuff. Thanks for the heads up on the Illustration issue, I just ordered it. I was so lucky to get his books back in the 80's by placing a want ad in the local paper, and some lady answered the ad and I got Figure Drawing and Creative Illustration for $35.