Tuesday, July 29, 2008

101 Dalmatians: Part 15

Amid at Cartoon Brew has already pointed this out, but I wanted to also recommend Oswald Iten's blog Colorful Animation Expressions. Iten is analyzing the colour styling of 101 Dalmatians, something that is needed and that I am incapable of doing.

I'd also like to make a general comment about comments. I'm all for spirited debate and not interested in censoring anybody. However, I would ask that comments restrict themselves to the films or media in question and not get personal. The best comments, even ones you disagree with, provoke thought. They force you to examine your own point of view. Mud slinging is a critical dead end that dilutes the value of any discussion.


Oswald Iten said...

Thanks! Your blog has been one of the main inspirations for starting my own.

I totally agree with your statement about comments.

Benjamin De Schrijver said...

I don't know how much you go back on comments on previous posts, but Wall-E just arrived here in Belgium, so I could finally have my say on your post on the film:


Bob Cowan said...

Mark - Didn't have your email address...

I was going over the storyboards and saw one that looked like an item I have - your number 63.

Here's the link to my image:



Mark Mayerson said...

That's a very nice cel set-up, Bob. You're lucky to have it.