Monday, October 13, 2008

Walt's People Volume 7

October 14 marks the release of the seventh volume of Walt's People, a collection of interviews with people who worked with and for Walt Disney, edited by Didier Ghez. The cover, as always, is by Peter Emslie. Here's the table of contents for the latest volume:

Foreword by Hans Perk
David Lesjak: William Rast
Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston: Wilfred Jackson
Richard Hubler: Wilfred Jackson
Wilfred Jackson: The New Spirit
Grim Natwick: The Goldfish Caper
Grim Natwick: Bill Tytla
Grim Natwick: The Three-Fingered Hand
Grim Natwick: Analysis
Grim Natwick: Soundtracks
Grim Natwick: Hobbies
Brian Sibley: Adriana Caselotti
Milt Gray: Clarence Nash
Milt Gray and Michael Barrier: Billy Bletcher
Milt Gray: Jim Macdonald
Richard Hubler: Jim Macdonald
David Tietyen: Paul Smith and Hazel George
Christian Renaut: Carl Fallberg
Dave Smith: George Goepper
Rick Shale: Harry Tytle
Richard Hubler: Milt Kahl
Darrell Van Citters: Milt Kahl
Darrell Van Citters: Ollie Johnston
Richard Hubler: Ward Kimball
Richard Hubler: Frank Thomas and Ken Anderson
Christopher Finch and Linda Rosenkrantz: Grace Turner
Jérémie Noyer: X. Atencio
Scott Weitz: X. Atencio
Didier Ghez: Bob Kurtz
Richard Hubler: John Hench
Jim Korkis: Marc Davis
Charles Solomon: Marc Davis and Andreas Deja
Alberto Becattini: Tom McKimson
Alberto Becattini: John Carey
Didier Ghez: John Ewing
Pete Docter: Art Stevens

Those living in the U.S. can order from There is no direct link for this volume up yet, though I assume that it will appear in the next day or two. Those outside the U.S. will have to wait until the book is available through Amazon, the online book seller, which usually follows in about six weeks.

I've read every volume in this series and have enjoyed them all. Some interviews provide new historical knowledge, some amusing anecdotes and others technical information as to the procedures at the studio. If you have any interest in Disney or animation history or technique, these volumes are worth reading.

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