Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reruns Redux

I'm frankly amazed (and amused) that the video of Disney re-use is still generating comments after more than a week. I was certainly aware of how heavily Disney re-used animation during the Reitherman years. The video didn't surprise me so much as wrap things up in a neat package.

Thad Komorowski has created a similar video cataloging Bob Clampett's history of re-use, some of which I wasn't aware of.

Anyone who has worked in animation production knows the twin pressures of budget and deadline. While nobody has brought it up, Chuck Jones re-used animation multiple times within his half hour TV specials, including The Grinch and Riki Tiki Tavi. We can argue over a director's motivation and judge whether the end result has value or not, but I don't doubt for a second that given the opportunity, every director would opt for new footage instead of re-use.


Zartok-35 said...
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Zartok-35 said...

As far as the Grinch is concerned, the way Chuck reused animation made alot more sence; he used it to demonstarte how the same action was done as routine over a course of time. However, I may not be thinking of the same instance you are.

Ricardo Cantoral said...

"but I don't doubt for a second that given the opportunity, every director would opt for new footage instead of re-use."

I definetly see Bob Clampett making new footage. He fell behind dead lines often and reused footage alot.

warren said...

Interesting stuff, that's for sure. I'll take Mr. Fun's word for it over anyone else's (and at the same level as anyone else interviewed in Didier Ghez's books). This is the kind of stuff where you need to talk to a lot of different folks who worked there to get a sense of the how and why. Anything else is just speculation.

I do, however, enjoy the fireworks. Passionate fans out there. Beats indifference any day of the week, and they help keep the DVD collections rolling out!

I wonder - is there an equivalent set of books full of interviews and such dedicated to the Termite Terrace as Didier's books on Disney's?

Zartok-35 said...

Has anyone ever scene How to Catch a Cold from 1951? That was directed by Ham Luske, but half of it is 'The Martins and The Coys'.

Nancy said...

Hey Mark, they were reusing animation as far back as 1941.

The dancing elephants in FANTASIA that blow away in the wind are turned into Pink Elephants, which turn into clouds, in DUMBO.

ICHABOD AND MR. TOAD reuses some effects animation (reeds) from THE OLD MILL.

At least Disney reused its own material. What strikes me as remarkable is how very weak the ROBIN HOOD footage looks compared to the SNOW WHITE originals. It just looks too 'careful' and lacks the spontaneity of the original. It probably would have taken less time to just reanimate the whole thing, but this wasn't a high priority, eventually.

Nancy said...

I believe, too, that A COWBOY NEEDS A HORSE (1950s) reuses animation from THE FLYING GAUCHITO (1943.)

films simply weren't rereleased that often, some weren't rereleased at all, and video and DVD weren't invented. The reuse is obvious now, of course, when everyone has a library.