Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sheridan College Industry Day 2009

Once again, it's industry day. The work of graduating students is screened for people who are looking for talent. Below is a collection of photos from today.

Robin King, founder of Sheridan's cgi program and currently a consultant.

Students and guests inside the cgi lab.

Frank Macchia (left) and Mark Sperber prepare to receive the industry.

Left to right: Animator Stephen Barnes, John Mariella of CORE and independent producer Doug Masters.

Sheridan alumnus Marceline Gagnon-tanguay, currently at Blue Sky.

Two aerial views of the learning commons, where the students met the industry.

Three excellent animators I've had the pleasure of teaching. From left to right: Jason Teeuwisson, Brock Gallagher and Kelly Turnbull.

Naz Ghodrati-azadi's film is called Gobbled. She'll be moving to Los Angeles this summer, so west coast studios should keep an eye out for this talented animator.

Tapan Gandhi's film is called The Ballad of Amelia von Earl.

Tracy Qiu's film is called Lobster Boy.

Industry Day coordinator Tony Tarantini presents an award to Kayla McIlwaine for her film A Princess Story.

Mark Simon (left), coordinator of the post-graduate cgi program, presents an award to Inigo Ahedo for his film Smores.

A panel of industry professionals giving advice to the students. From left: Tom Knott (formerly of Laika, Warner Bros. and the Ottawa Animation Festival), Evan Spiridellis of JibJab, Doug Masters (formerly with CORE and currently an independent producer) and industry day coordinator Tony Tarantini.

What's above is only a fraction of what transpired. More than 4 hours of student films were screened.

I will be screening a selection of this year's films at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto on Tuesday, June 9 at 7 p.m. and again on Wednesday June 10 at 9:30. Admission will be $5 and it's open to the public. I'll post more about this screening as it approaches.

If you were at industry day and have any thoughts about the films or the days events, please leave a comment.


The Labyrinth said...

I only got a chance to stop by the learning commons for a short bit, but the level of work I saw was quite impressive. There were a ton of finished films, and even those that were not finished, looked terrific. A seriously great bunch of artists.

The only thing I hope, is that the credit crunch/recession will end soon -so new shows/films will be greenlit and soak up some of this tremendous talent.

Personally, I didn't get to go to the screening today, so I am really looking forward to the screening at the bloor cinema. Seeing the films streaming on the computer screens was nice eye candy, but I am seriously curious to experience the films with sound.

RAWLS said...

Thanks for posting these pics Mark! (considering that I'm in a couple of them!! haha)
It was a really great turn out and such impressive films! I felt extremely inspired and confident in those students talents and abilities after yesterday. I saw you there, but never got a chance to introduce myself, as I don't think we've ever actually met. Next time though. Thanks again my friend!

Anonymous said...

looks great. Nice change from 2002- I think we had 4 people come. Good luck to the kids.

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

thanks for posting these!

jriggity said...

cool day....Good luck to all the students!!