Wednesday, May 20, 2009

List of Films for the Bloor Screening

For those of you in Toronto, here's a list of the Sheridan student films that will be screened at the Bloor on June 9 at 7 p.m. and again on June 10 at 9:30 p.m. It's open to the public and admission is $5. You can see a trailer I cut together here. The one line descriptions are mine, not the film makers.

Higher Education – A mean teacher faces the Last Judgment. A film by Hernando Bahamon, Zélie Bérubé, Christian Camaroschi, Sheng-han Chang, Mélanie Daigle, Amber Holowaychuk, Angela Kim, Alex Kung, Henry Lidstone, Michelle Moger.

Smores – A day in the life of a chocolate man in a graham cracker world. A film by Inigo Ahedo.

El Cacto – When a desert town runs out of water, who ya gonna call? A film by Garrett Hanna.

Hopetown – Hope springs eternal for a stuffed bunny. A film by Will Postma.

Lobster Boy – The story of an underwater outcast. A film by Tracy Qiu.

Homework Hydra – So much homework, but so many distractions. A film by Ben Hu.

Monkey and the Moon – Based on a Chinese folk take, a monkey tries to rescue the moon. A film by Yajun Wang.

Nanu - Two animals battle for a meal. A film by Alex Donald.

Sneaks on a Plane – It gets lonely in the desert. A film by Serena Leigh

Process – Do not go gently into that recycling plant. A film by Jake Fullerton.

Coned – A dog struggles with a cone collar. A film by Terri Sajecki.

Ama – An animation student searches for a subject. A film by Chih Kuang Jack Yu.

Creatures of the Night – Don’t poke the zombie. A film by Kieran McKay.

The Magic Cauldron – A cauldron that doubles its contents. A film by Andy Zeng.

My Hero – The perils of hero worship. A film by Nael Al Hamwi, Amir Avni, Adam Black, Lee Ann Dufour, Adam Hines, Wayne-Michael Lee, Sopheak Meak, Marvin Mugabi, Allesandro Piedimonte, Samantha Smith Mark Stanleigh.

Kitty Kitchka – A lesson in feline agriculture. A film by Cheng Long.

Junko Jango – A boy is caught between bullies and a junkyard dog. A film by Rachel Chalk.

The Missing Sock – Guess where it went? A film by Jason Teeuwissen.

Humpty Dumpty Scrambled - What happens when a weapon has a mind of its own? A film by Yuriy Sivers.

The Bacteria That Could – If at first you don’t succeed... A film by Jordan Benning.

Hog Wild – This little piggy went to market. A film by Michael Alcock, Markus Bajin, Tanguy Barker, Weiran Ji, Sun Lee, Chris MacDonald, Boris Maras, Clayton Tsang, Carla Veldman, Andrew Wilson, Di Yao Amanca Zima.

Princess Story – A fairy princess awaits her prince. A film by Kayla McIlwaine.

The Ballad of Amelia Von Earl – A little girl has an unusual hobby. A film by Tapan Gandhi.

Space Chase – A mad scientist gets madder. A film by Behram Khoshroo.

Foxy Hotmamma – An homage to the Blaxploitation films of the 1970s. A film by Justin Salgado

Just Desserts – Sweets revenge. A film by Jonathan Coit, Lawrence, Lam, Kyu-Bum Lee, Kaming Mak, Andrew Murray, Braden Poirier, Linval Smith, Ben Thomas, Chris Thompson, Junghoon Yeo.

Tang – A monkey struggles to stay warm. A film by Han ung Lee.

Ooh aaah oouch – A recliner with an attitude. A film by Manish Thorat.

The Chronicles of Turghot and Dragam – An urbanized barbarian yearns for the good old days. A film by Kelly Turnbull.

The Peasant and the Root – A peasant covets the amazing power of the mandrake root. A film by Brock Gallagher.

Electropolis – A walk sign seeks to break the monotony. A film by Amanda Stocker, Hank Choi, Adam Pockaj, Jason Walmsley, Dimas Mohammad, Adam Trout, Dan Seddon, Griogio Mavrigianakis, Ki Eun Suh, Debbie Yu, Dawnson Chen, Allison Neil, Kevin McCullough.

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Pete Emslie said...

I'm very happy to see that Kelly Turnbull's barbarian/zombie film is in the program as well. I didn't see it in the trailer so I was wondering whether it was going to be screened at the Bloor. Kelly is a hugely talented cartoonist (best kind of animator in my book) and her film is a hoot! Looks like a very impressive playlist and I'll do my best to spread the word.