Monday, June 01, 2009

The Downside of Up

Michael Sporn, Keith Lango and Michael Barrier have all written posts expressing their reservations about Pixar's latest feature. All are articulate and their criticisms are worth considering.


Floyd Norman said...

I guess I've read a few dozen reviews and opinions of "Up." Of course, not everyone responds to a film the same way.

This is why I insist on seeing a film with a real audience. I want to know if the audience is engaged. If the filmmaker can do that -- then he or she has done their job.

Some love it -- some hate it. Whatever. When I look around me and see children and adults totally entranced -- I should be so lucky.

AndyG said...

Thank you Mark! These authors put words to a number of gut feelings I've had for the past week regarding Up.

I appreciate the honesty in their reviews, rather than simply accepting Up's inconsistencies. I've learned about selling an idea to an audience through my two years at Sheridan. Within our medium of animation, our ability to sell an idea or a story must be top notch. I think we come under a lot more criticism than most creative professionals. Therefore, we must be thorough in our approach - but is there a limit to how thorough we should be? I guess this is something we'll discover in 3rd year.

Thanks again!