Sunday, November 01, 2009

Wild Life

The new issue of Flip is out, featuring an interview with Howard Baker, a director who does straight-to-DVD features for budgets as low as $3 million. That's an area that's very interesting to me and one that I think has potential for different kinds of films. However, the real surprise was his reel. At 7:50, you can see a clip from the canceled Disney feature Wild Life. I have no idea how much of this feature actually exists, but this may be all you're ever likely to see of it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for the promo!
That clip from Wild Life was actually only done about 1 year in on the project and still didn't quite reflect how far the project had gone when it was killed 1.5 years later. We did a second test that Disney would never let me keep.

Floyd Norman said...

Hi Mark,
Thanks for showcasing all the cool work from Howard. Actually, there are some cool story reels from the film as well.

Of course, these story reels don't actually exist, do they, Disney lawyers?

Thad said...
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the doodlers said...

Nice work on this reel. Story reels? Love to see those sometime...

Anonymous said...

I have that KITTY walktest. but there was a third test with MAGDA and a very interesting camera move. hope howard doesn't screw up the stories anymore the way he did it with WILD LIFE. I am still angry because it could have been a masterpiece.

Anonymous said...

Hans. Your 'help' was pricelss.
Howard Baker