Monday, December 07, 2009

The Peter Pan Wars

Greenbriar Picture Shows has a very interesting article on the fight between distributors and exhibitors over setting ticket prices for films in the early 1950's. Apparently, Peter Pan was point of contention between RKO, Disney's distributor at the time, and theatre owners. The U.S. Department of Justice got involved, holding hearings to determine if there was any collusion on setting prices.

John McElwee, the author, wonders if Disney's dissatisfaction with RKO's handling of the situation had anything to do with Disney setting up its own distributor, Buena Vista, shortly afterwards.


Thad said...

It's always said that the Disney studio's work was the one thing RKO had in its favor for years. Is it any wonder RKO folded only a few years after Disney bailed?

Maurice said...

No wonder at all, Thad. With Walt's enterprise gone, all RKO had left was their legendary boss Howard Hughes ... who in his infinite wisdom sold the studio to General Tire & Rubber. What the deuce?