Sunday, May 09, 2010

Love & Theft

Metamorphoses animation isn't as common as it once was. It's tough to do in cgi and so much other animation consists of moving around digital cut-outs. Shape changing, whether it's stretch and squash or metamorphoses, is one of animation's strengths, as is synchronizing to music.

This film is one of 10 shorts competing at the Cannes Film Festival. The NFB and YouTube have partnered to put them all online. Several of them are animated, with this one being my favorite. It's directed by Andreas Hykade and comes from Germany. You can register and vote for the films here or just watch them here.

(Link via Jim Henshaw.)


Zartok-35 said...

That was inventive, yet monotonous.

Carla (Veldman) Morris said...

The transitions are pretty impressive. The part towards the end (with the black background) reminds me coincidentally enough of that sequence from Dumbo.

Pseudonym said...

My theory is that shape metamorphosis animation is unfashionable because we all know what happened to Ryan Larkin.