Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dean Yeagle Interview

There's an interview with Dean Yeagle over at Super I.T.C.H.


Unknown said...

thanks for the link - I'm a big fan of Dean Yeagle, I got to meet him at last years NYCC, great guy.

Pete Emslie said...

This looks like one of those online form letter interviews: a series of generic (and rather inane) questions that the interviewee types his answers to. Thank goodness Dean Yeagle is articulate enough to flesh out his answers so that the interview seems worthwhile after all.

I love Dean's cartoon work and I'm glad to know he's a fellow "Pogo" fan. Ideally it would be great to read a more in-depth interview with him, perhaps conducted by someone like Mike Barrier, where we could find out more about his approach to cartooning, in addition to learning more about his professional history in both print and animation.