Monday, June 06, 2011

Andrew Loomis Back in Print

Here's one that snuck up on me, but one I'm grateful for. Titan Books has brought Andrew Loomis's excellent book Figure Drawing For All It's Worth back into print and at a reasonable price. It's $23.49 at and $28.84 at

Andrew Loomis was a commercial illustrator working out of Chicago, a contemporary of Chicago artists Haddon Sundblom and Gil Elvgren. In addition to his illustration work for what used to be called slick magazines (on slick paper as opposed to the pulp magazines), he also wrote several great books on drawing and painting. The out-of-print books are hard to find and usually very pricey.

Titan will be reprinting Drawing the Head and Hands by Loomis in October. They also plan to reprint his Creative Illustration and Fun with a Pencil. I hope they get around to Three Dimensional Drawing, and The Eye of the Painter and the Elements of Beauty.

(link via BoingBoing)


Floyd Norman said...

Yow! I remember buying this book at my local Santa Barbara art store over fifty years ago. It served me well. Happy to hear that it's back.

Daniel [] said...

Excellent! I have my own copy, bought in the late '70s or in the '80s, but I'm glad that copies will more readily be available to others.

Eric Noble said...

I will be sure to purchase these when they come out. I just wish I had more drawing classes to use this in conjunction with.

spokeshave said...

I have the Creative Illustration and Forty Illustrators and how they work picked up in a second hand book store in the 90's. Hope will have them..

cartoonjoe said...

Thank you for the "head's-up" on this...I got my copy last week!:-)