Monday, November 07, 2011

Maybe Not So Weak?

I haven't seen this film, but Movie Morlocks, the official blog of Turner Classic Movies, has a review and stills from the French animated feature A Cat in Paris. It looks like a film I'd like to see, though I have no idea if it will get a North American release outside of Los Angeles. In any case, I will keep an eye out for it.


Carla (Veldman) Morris said...

I saw this film at Annecy and really enjoyed it. Solid story and some fantastic colour-design work.

Oswald Iten said...

The color styling is indeed fantastic. I saw the film at Fantoche and was surprised how well the story worked. In my opinion, it's not Oscar material but certainly worth seeing.

mélanie daigle said...

If I had to pick a film to watch out of the 18, I'd also want to see this one. I'm really curious to see the other French cat movie of the year as well, the adaptation of Joann Sfar's Le Chat du Rabbin.