Friday, October 05, 2012

Manolito's Dream

 I wrote about Txesco Montalt's work before, and here is a short that he created with Mayte Sanchez Solis.  Both of them worked on Pocoyo, one of the few pre-school shows I can watch without falling asleep.  Like Txesco's earlier work, it synchs beautifully to the soundtrack and while done in Flash, has lots of subtle shape-changing that gives it wonderful flexibility.

I'm also in love with the simplicity of the design.

The two are partnered in a company called Alla Kinda, and even their logo

exudes charm.  Their site is worth checking out.


Unknown said...

Wow ! Really awesome! Thanks for sharing! (That logo is amazing, too)

Michael Sporn said...

They let the rhythm rule and it's wonderful. Very nicely pulled together and beautifully designed. Thanks for showing it, Mark.