Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Wacky Walk Signal

In Toronto, the walk signals count down to let pedestrians know how much time is left before the signal changes. In Havana, they not only count down the "walk" but also count down the "don't walk" for both pedestrians and drivers.  That seems like an improvement.  In addition, though, the "walk" sign actually walks.  While the animation is not great, it's a nice idea.  Is this done anywhere else in the world?
While I'm sure that there is no connection, it reminded me of this Sheridan student film made by third year students several years ago.


Andy Latham said...

I was in Turkey a few years ago and they had animated walk signals. The animation was much better than this example too. I did film one of them, I should stick it on YouTube.

Unknown said...

Hum, I once did something like that! I saw this signal on my way home and thought it would be cool if the guy really walks(yeah, not like i didn't knew of the existence of the animated signs but still...).
I was also playing with Jahshaka at that time, hoping in a Open Source vfx solution (Blender didn't have tracker at that point) was fun!
Here :