Saturday, August 18, 2007

Pinocchio Part 21


Stephen Worth said...

A few notes that I've picked up on this sequence over the years.

In the scenes of Pinoke walking along calling for out with the rock on his tail, Kahl must have been reworking earlier animation done by Les Clark. I found a few scenes of ruffs by Clark from this sequence in his estate, but they were in a slightly earlier design of the character. The basic posing and walk were the same as in the film. Supposedly, this sequence was one of the first tests for the picture. Kahl probably made it match the new model and reworked the facial expressions on the closer shots.

The scene of Jimminy on the seahorse that the draft attributes to Reitherman was animated by Berny Wolf, inspired by earlier animation by Les Clark from "Frolicking Fish". Perhaps Bern was in the Reitherman unit at that point and Woolie got the name on the draft for anything that came out of his unit? I dunno.

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the spectre said...

That's interesting about Berny Wolf. In several sequences, Jiminy is animated in some scenes by Kimball, and in other scenes by animators such as Wolf, Towsley and Eliotte. I'm assuming Kimball supervised the other animators' scenes as well as drawing his own.

However, in most of Bill Roberts' scenes, concentrated in the later part of the film, Jiminy appears to be animated almost entirely by Woolie Reitherman, with the occasional wide shot by Paul Busch (who isn't in the on-screen credits, I wonder if he was Woolie's assistant?) I wonder if, like Kimball, Woolie was actually just the supervising animator for all those Jiminy scenes but, unlike Kimball, was credited for such scenes in the draft, instead of the "lesser" animators. Doesn't explain why Paul Busch is credited for his scenes though...