Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hockey Homicide Animator ID's

Run (or maybe skate) over to Thad Komorowski's Animation ID blog where he has identified the animators in the cartoon Hockey Homicide, one of Jack Kinney's best cartoon shorts at Disney. The information comes courtesy of a draft supplied by Michael Barrier.

Milt Kahl is known for his princes and his tremendous draftsmanship, but the truth is that he was brilliant at cartoon comedy. Take a look at the Lake Titicaca sequence from Saludos Amigos where Kahl did the llama. In this cartoon, Kahl revels in the cartoon violence he's asked to animate.

Kahl isn't the only one who did excellent work on this cartoon. John Sibley is another stand-out in the Kinney unit and other animators (Cliff Nordberg, Hal King and Al Bertino) are no slouches either, yet more proof of Disney's bench strength. There's a bit of Kimball here as well, but for once Kimball's wild animation doesn't stand out because it's surrounded by everybody else going nuts.

If you're not familiar with this cartoon, you're in for a treat. If you don't like Disney, give this one a try as you'll be surprised. In any case, it's great that the animators on it can finally get their due.

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Nancy said...

John Sibley is one of the more underrated Disney animators. He had a real knack for crazy poses and funny animation, particularly on Goofy.
Frank Thomas told me that HOCKEY HOMICIDE was one of the films done 'between features'--once a feature wrapped, the Feature guys had to 'call up Shorts and ask if they had anything for us, so that we could keep their jobs.' Not even the Old Men were indispensable, apparently. Another "Feature" animated Goofy short is TIGER TROUBLE--Kahl animates the crazy tiger.