Saturday, June 14, 2008

101 Dalmatians: Part 12


Bill said...

Hi Mark.
I've been following this post with a lot of interest as Dalmatian's is one of my favorite Disney films. On this last seq. I noted the animation credits read "McCrea". I suspect this (and you may already know this) is Bob McCrea.
I knew him - post retirement from Disney's when he was assistant dept head of the Character animation program at Cal- Arts. At that time (1977) Jack Hannah was the head of the department and I'm not clear as to if Bob had been with him from the beginning of the program or came in at the start of the second or third year. He was recruited during the time of Don Graham's 1936 country wide talent search and spent years as a assistant animator - as I understand it- primarily to Ollie Johnston - although he did in-between for Frank Thomas notably on the "Dwarfs grieving" sequence in Snow White. (Hollywood Cartoons page. 227). Over the course of his time at Disney's he worked up to animator thru work on television, shorts - "Donald in Math Magic-land" and was credited as Character Animator on "The Rescuers". As a Teachers assistant I dropped into his office routinely during my time at Cal Arts and had many end of day chats. He was always accessible, friendly and I can recall great many stories about individuals and projects he worked on during his career. After Jack Hannah's retirement in 1983 or 84 Bob became department head and remained as such till the late 1980's. His name does not come up that often, Floyd Norman mentions Bob in an article he posted on Jim Hill media about the Disney Night Classes in the 1950's and while I can't say much about his work he was very supportive and supplied me with a much needed shot in the arm confidence wise when I needed it. Certainly Martha Baxton.. the longtime secretary of the character animation program, spoke glowingly of him.

Mark Mayerson said...

Hey, Bill. Nice to hear from you. I suspected that it was Bob McCrea and was going to ask for confirmation when I wrote up this section, so thanks for supplying the information.

One of the byproducts of this and other blogs is that lesser known animation people are finally getting some attention. Thanks for supplying some background information for Bob McCrea. I appreciate it and I'm sure readers of this blog do, too.

Anonymous said...

There's a caricature of Bob McCrea on the Animation Guild Blog by John Sparey :

Bob McCrea by John Sparey