Monday, March 23, 2009

It's the Cat Again

Mark Kausler has updated the site for his independent film, It's the Cat. There are original cels for sale as well as artwork on display. One of the neat features of the cels for sale is that when you display them, you can flip between the cel and the drawing it is based on. If you buy a cel, Mark will throw in a DVD of the finished film for free.

(If you just want the finished film, you can download it from MyToons for $1.99.)

The real plum, however, is the complete pencil test online. I'm one of those people who loves pencil tests and prefers them to finished animation. I love seeing the pencil lines in the rough and even the grain of the paper animating. It's animation, unplugged.

Run (or dance) over and take a look.

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Rick Roberts said...

I am torn between buying a cell to get a free copy of the film or just buying the film. Nice to see Klauser making some new stuff. Also nice to see Greg Ford producing, I really wish he was still making Looney Tunes shorts with Terry Lennon.