Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Somebody is Computer Illiterate

I use Google Alerts to see if this blog is referenced elsewhere. Today, I received an email pointing to this link. It appears to be a government of Ontario site, though on the web you can't really be sure. One thing is for sure, whoever or whatever referenced my original did an amazingly poor job. It looks like automatic translation software has taken the original into some other language and then re-translated it back to English. Here's my original paragraph:
The Globe and Mail has an interesting article about the state of the videogame business in Canada, including a detailed look at the Ontario government's actions to bring a game publisher to Toronto.
And here's the government of Ontario version:
The Globe and Mail has an captivating article here the delineate of the videogame guinea-pig in Canada, including a unconditional look at the Ontario government’s actions to in a mangle publisher to Toronto.
For your enjoyment, here's another comparison. The original is from the Globe and Mail article:
Like Ontario today, Quebec in 1996 introduced significant subsidies to spark growth and, with the tax breaks, lured Ubisoft in 1997. Electronic Arts arrived in 2004.
And here's how the government of Ontario relates it:
Like Ontario today, Quebec in 1996 introduced pregnant subsidies to trigger excrescence and, with the charge breaks, lured Ubisoft in 1997. The good of Vancouver in the 1990s attracted admonish absent. Electronic Arts arrived in 2004.


JPilot said...

I smell an Ontario government sponsored outsourced job responsible for this. What do you expect from people with mangle training paid for by pregnant subsidies which trigger excrescence and moving to other province or country. I don't blame them. Who could resist the lure of working in the guinea pig?

Jonathan Coit said...

quite interesting..
or do I mean captivating?