Thursday, September 06, 2012

Facundo the Great

Here's another Storycorps short animated by the Rauch Brothers. Storycorps is raising money through Kickstarter to do a half hour special.  The goal is only $25,000, so I don't know if the money is to simply top up a budget or if they're going to do a slight amount of new animation to wrap around the work they've already done.

In any case, I'm a fan of their work and look forward to them doing more.


Karl Armen Boudjikanian said...

Great little anecdote told through animation. The scene where we see the silhouettes of the teachers talking behind the glass door as the narrator goes on is clever. Characters lip syncing to what a narrator is saying doesn’t happen that often in film. But this one works without calling attention to itself. It almost feels natural.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing great or clever about any of that - this looks very "studenty." The timing, for one thing, is way off.