Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is That You, Popeye?

The above was created by artist Lee Romao.  You can buy a 7 by 10 inch print of this for $15, as well as well as getting the image on canvas, stationary, or iPhone or iPad skins.  Aren't you glad that Genndy Tartakovsky is making the next Popeye feature and not Spielberg or Zemeckis?

(link via Boing Boing)


Anonymous said...

No...I'd rather have someone who's a good storyteller and strong director rather than someone who's more interested in s"style" over substance.

Anonymous said...

I dunno if you're being ironic with this post or not, can't tell. But, I for one, think that this CG Popeye is grotesque. There are some things that are better left in the hand drawn realm and Popeye is one of them. If this is any indication of the direction that Gennedy T will take Popeye (which of course we have no way of telling at this point) I will be sitting this one out.

Mark Mayerson said...

Genndy Tartakovsky will do a cartoon cgi Popeye, where Spielberg or Zemeckis would do a motion captured realistic Popeye similar to the illustration. While I have no idea how the Tartakovsky Popeye will come out, I'm more hopeful for it than I would be for a more realistic approach.

Paul Reiter said...

I would prefer that no one touches the character. The more time I spend with Segar's comic, the more I've come to see Popeye as being dependent on him (and the medium he worked in) to achieve greatness and all other takes to be debased in some way shape or form.

That includes becoming less enthralled with the Fleischer version, which I've felt, amongst other things, was stuck in the same formulaic Victorian melodrama for way too long (Disney had by the time of Popeye's theatrical debut, pretty much abandoned the one between Mickey, Minnie, and Pete). Considering the fact that the all takes on the sailor man owe themselves to that version, I don't see much to look forward to.

Plus I'm sick of these remakes, sequels, and what nots overall.

Brubaker said...

"Plus I'm sick of these remakes, sequels, and what nots overall."

I never understood this argument against remakes. Seeing that during the "golden age" there were ton of remakes as well. There were three version of "The Maltese Falcon" within 10 years, for example.

As for the film, well, Tartakovsky can probably handle this better than that DTV CGI Popeye movie. We'll see.

Thad said...

There were ten times as many movies made then, and the ratio was still skewed in favor of original ideas. And the remakes stunk then too. In fact, Huston's MALTESE FALCON may be the only remake in film history better than the original.

JPilot said...

They're remaking Robert Altman's "Popeye"?!!!
Sacrilege!!! Blasphemy!!!

As a one off caricature of Popeye, I get it. ButI do miss seeing work like that of great caricaturists like Ricord, Morchoisne, Mulatier and Kruger.

Julian Carter said...

While I understand Mr Mayerson's revulsion of a CGI Popeye adaptation making use of a character model that looks similar to the one posted here, I was really amused to see this semi-realistic photoreal Popeye. I don't have a problem with artists generating content like this, as long as they don't stagnate.

Thumbs up to Mr Romano for the striking image.