Sunday, March 02, 2014

Phil Tippett on Mad God and Crowd Funding

"When working with material objects they look at you and demand attention. They tell you things and maybe you wouldn’t otherwise be so perceptive. It is about the process and listening to the things around you, hearing and what they can tell you. That takes time."
Friend and fellow Sheridan instructor Chris Walsh interviews stop motion and effects wizard Phil Tippett about his independent production Mad God.  Tippet talks about his influences, the nature of physical objects and the opportunities from crowd funding.

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Anonymous said...

Nice article, though the questions were more interesting than that ads.

$14.00 for part I ? Huh? It better be some earth-shattering animation for that price. So, he gets a kickstarter shot-in-the-arm to fund it and then charges $14.00 to download? Too rich for my blood. That's too bad.