Sunday, August 16, 2015

No Spec Work

I've written about creator rights.  I'm especially against contests, which are all over the internet and a really pernicious way for companies to solicit work for free.  Here's a great comic by Maki Naro about the problems of spec work and here's Mark Evanier on spec from the writer's side, but it still applies to anyone creative.

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James Wood said...

Just read the comic on No!Spec work. Very good presentation of the argument and why people do it, and why they shouldn't.

Not entirely sure what doing a crude drawing of a historical figure and submitting an invoice will do, but perhaps that speaks more to returning the insult than actual action.

I feel like a patsy having entered contests etc., and will try to do otherwise. The industry does need to respect the creative people and the work we do more.