Thursday, May 04, 2006

Al Eugster

In case anyone doesn't know about it, I'll point to the Al Eugster website that I created. If you have any interest in animation history, the photos from Al's collection are extremely interesting.

Also, thanks to YouTube, you can watch My Daddy the Astronaut, which Al animated entirely by himself.


Anonymous said...


I've always enjoyed your tribute page to Al Eugster and am very pleased that you've started a blog. I like what you've posted so far and will certainly be back.


Thorny said...

just spent some time perusing the photos -- wonderful time capsule -- thanks!

Jerry Beck said...

Welcome to blogland, Mark! I first saw MY DADDY THE ASTRONAUT at SVA in an animation class being taught by Gil Miret (who designed the film). This was around 1974. I think Tom Sito was in the same class. Seeing this film ignited a few things in me - curiosity about the Paramount cartoons of the 1960s, for one thing. It led me toward the path of being an animation historian, not an animator. ASTRONAUT is probably the best of the "kids drawing/stick-figure, amature animator" style cartoons that date back to PORKY'S PREVIEW (WB) and BABY BOOGIE & FAMILY CIRCUS (at UPA) and Paramount's previous adaptation's of Jack Mendelsohn's Jacky's Wacky World. ASTRONAUT was followed by a sequel, THE STUCK-UP WOLF, which is not as clever.