Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Following Up

Yesterday I mentioned that Hans Perk started a blog where he posted animator identifications for Mr. Duck Steps Out. He's answered my questions about the animators and has now posted the animator draft for Thru the Mirror, one of the most delightful Mickey Mouse cartoons of the 1930's. That's worth checking out. Eventually, I'll create mosaics for those two cartoons.

Hans doesn't have the draft for the Donald Duck cartoon Duck Pimples. That contains some great work by Milt Kahl and John Sibley. In particular, there's some beautiful animation on the woman character and I'd love to know who did it. Does anybody have the draft or can they identify the animator of the woman?

I also pointed out some animation samples at Spline Doctors yesterday. Tim Linklater has put together a page of links to demo reels, including animators who worked at Pixar and Blue Sky. There's more on this page than you can watch in a day, so it's worth bookmarking to explore over time.

Those of you who were intrigued by the Jim Tyer stills I mentioned yesterday might want to see some Tyer animation in motion. Thad K has posted Cheese Burglars, which contains animation by Tyer, Ben Solomon and William Henning, identifications courtesy of Milton Knight. And if you clink on this link to, you can have yourself a mini-festival of Jim Tyer's animation.

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