Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Animated Leo the Lion

Here's an oddity. The trailer for MGM's 1935 feature No More Ladies starts and ends with an animated Leo the Lion. According to Steve Stanchfield of Thunderbean Animation, the animator is Bill Nolan, a veteran of the silent era whose previous job was at the Lantz studio in the early '30s. The voice, of course, is by Billy Bletcher, who voiced the Big Bad Wolf in Disney's The Three Little Pigs and also did cartoon voices for Warner Bros. (Little Red Riding Rabbit).

(Link via The Golden Age Cartoon Forum.)


Anonymous said...

Nice. Now out on Warner Archives DVD! Franchot Tone's first (I believe) Hollywood Film. And the racist bigot Robert Montgomery (Elizabeth Montgomery's (Bewitched) father...And the great (if limited) Joan Crawford.

Gwynn.D.Earl said...

Great blog..

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