Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Miss Devine

The Rauch Brothers' latest short combines documentary audio of grown children remembering their Sunday school teacher with animation designed by Bill Wray.

I love this kind of work, mixing real life events with animation. All of the Rauch Brothers' work for Storycorps can be seen here and all of it is worth watching.


Floyd Norman said...

Good work. I really enjoyed this.

Amir Avni said...

I love their work, thanks for posting!

Ke7in said...

I do like most of the visuals, but I wonder what they actually add to the piece. To me, the audio could easily stand alone and I think you'd get the exact same experience out of it. If you're going to animate an accompanying piece to a clip like this, why not go further and add to the gags/important beats instead of depicting them so matter-of-factly? To me, at least, it took away from some of the humourous moments where I would've laughed along with them because visually it neutralized them.