Sunday, August 03, 2014

Studio Ghibli Closing?

There's this. Then there's this.


Carla (Veldman) Morris said...


Terrible news. To say this is a major loss is an understatement.

I imagine this also throws a wrench into the production of Michael Dudok deWit's film that (last I heard) they've been co-producing.

David said...

Probably not just yet . Variety reports:

"Japan’s Studio Ghibli Envisages Short Break, not Imminent Closure"


Unknown said...

What is potentially horrible news could be great news - the famed studio restructures, gets smarter and smaller (obviously not good for the animators) but this restructuring may make them able to continue making for "potentially forver" to paraphrase Mr. Suzuki. I'm holding my breath for more clarification but I'm not thinking from what I've read that the intention was to signal the end of the studio.