Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Cartoon Medicine

The N.Y. Times has an article called "Historians Resurrect 'Cartoon Medicine' for a New Generation." It talks about the Private Snafu cartoon Malaria Mike and a film about latrine sanitation called Use Your Head, that was produced by Hugh Harman. Apparently, the National Library of Medicine has a whole collection of health-related animated films from the 1920's through the '60's. Perhaps some enterprising DVD producer (paging Steve Stanchfield!) will contact them and put out a collection of their best cartoons.

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Nancy said...

Hi Mark,

Good luck on your move.
I just got Ray Pointer's collection of LAUGHOGRAMS, and the early Newman shorts by Disney. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD features a little girl dealing with a human 'wolf' in top hat and big car, 20 years ahead of Tex Avery.
The disc also includes pages from Lutz' animation textbook of 1920 and Disney's first animated short, TOMMY TUCKER'S TOOTH (an educational film about dentistry.)