Friday, November 10, 2006

More Click Tracks

Hans Perk has posted another piece of animation accompanied by a click track. This time, it's the Mickey Mouse cartoon, Thru the Mirror. Hans has taken the beats off the original bar sheets and put visual and audio beats over a copy of the film.

Take a look at it soon, as YouTube has been fairly aggressive lately in removing copyrighted material. Clearly, this is not an attempt to rip Disney off, this is an attempt to explain the studio's work processes and educate a new generation of animators.

(Mike Sporn beat me to linking to this, but it's so important that it deserves the redundant link.)


David N said...

I just wanted to mention for anyone who's interested in holding on something especially inspiring or educational that they see on YouTube , there is a site called KeepVid which will download the files from YouTube.

Then you can use an application like
iSquint or Visual Hub to convert the .flv files downloaded from YouTube to an mp4 Quicktime file.

Thad K said...

Pftth - Disney should be paying Hans some money for providing such a service!


moreclick said...

it is great article thanks for sharing.

veri kurtarma said...

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