Saturday, February 24, 2007

Disney and Pixar

There's an article in Variety worth reading called "Disney animation gets Pixar-ization."


Anonymous said...

"Execs note repeatedly that they're trying to make the Mouse "a director-driven studio," a mantra that has served Pixar well with a braintrust of talented helmers that includes Lasseter, Brad Bird ("The Incredibles"), Pete Docter ("Monsters, Inc.") and Andrew Stanton ("Finding Nemo"). Catmull repeatedly states that the days of studio exec interference are over."

Anonymous said...

Disney has never been a 'director driven studio'. Someone at the top has always called the shots. The operating system they appear to want to use is more similar to Warners than Disney...and it might work, as long as you pick your directors carefully. Some of us can remember the disasters..the KINGDOMS OF THE SUN, the WILD LIFES, and others that got out of control due to lack of supervision of the directors.
The thing is, who is to do it? Producers should be able to rein in projects before they turn into expensive bombs--but will they have the experience to know when to stop? Pixar's had trouble with directors already--and they will have more.