Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pinocchio Part 18


the spectre said...

Were Woolie Reitherman and Bill Roberts particularly good friends, or something? According to the draft, Woolie does a lot of animation in Roberts' sequences - you very rarely find a Roberts sequence without Woolie's animation, or a piece of Woolie's animation outside of a Roberts sequence. Woolie was also head animator in Roberts' "Rite of Spring" for Fantasia. Hans, you have the Dumbo draft, is the same true there, Woolie animating mainly in Roberts' sequences?

J. J. Hunsecker said...

I noticed in seq. #10 that a animator named Jack Bradbury worked on the scene, and then in seq. #19 there is a Jack Bradburn listed. Is this a typo or were there two different animators with similar names? Is Jack Bradbury the same animator who later worked for Friz Freleng at Warners in the early forties?

Michael J. Ruocco said...

Usually when I think of Woolie or Bill Roberts, I think of scenes with lots of action. Lots of movement & fine detail, whether slapstick or serious. They probably got along because of their similar assignments & Bill went to him once he became a sequence director, who knows.

This scene always got me! I felt so bad for those kids, especially that one, Alexander. These are the types of scenes where you really get into the movie & forget that it's all just a bunch of drawings. You feel like your in those kid's shoes, like your next in line.

Mark Mayerson said...

J.J, that's a typo. My fault. Should be Bradbury not Bradburn.

Also, this is the same Jack Bradbury who animated for Freleng and did a lot of funny animal comic book work as well.

Steven Hartley said...

I think that Woolie Reitherman and Bill Roberts might have been friends, because they've seemed to have worked together in many projects.

About the Dumbo draft, I heard that Woolie Reitherman animated Timothy Mouse and Bill Roberts must have directed the Timothy sequences with Reitherman's animation.

Same here 'the specture', I wish the Dumbo draft was all posted on Hans Perk's site, because I would like to know about Woolie and Robert's work and more information.