Monday, September 24, 2007

Golden Age

Golden Age is a series of 10 short parodies of various aspects of animation history made by Augenblick Studios. The series was done for Comedy Central and ran at the Ottawa Festival.

We're surrounded by parody in cartoons these days, but Golden Age is more sharply written and more quickly timed than most. The level of invention is high and there's not a bad one in the bunch. You can find the rest of them here. Enjoy.


Thad K said...

"Animation's living patron saint.." HA! Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Mitch K said...

Those were brilliant! They must have showed them at at least three different screenings I attended. Those folks are definitely fans of cartoons.

Jinny said...

I enjoyed watching these shorts while at the ottawa fest the past weekend.. I hope more of the short films that were screened at the festival will be posted online.. It'll be great to rewatch some of them or watch the ones from screenings I missed.