Tuesday, November 13, 2007

UPA Feature Clip

Jaime Weinman writes about this clip from the Fox musical The Girl Next Door (1953), featuring a couple of animated sequences done by UPA. I was completely unaware of this film, which is now available on DVD.

UPA also contributed animation to a feature called The Four Poster, a film I've never seen. Does anybody know if the film is available on DVD or if there are clips from it on line?


Oscar Grillo said...

I saw "Four Posters" on TV in the early sixties in Argentina, it was in the middle of the night and I fallen completely in love with it. I remember vividly a war sequence done only with symbols and medals, all abstract and narrating the death of the son of the couple. Apart from that I only know two stills published in a french book on animation.

Pete Emslie said...

That's a great, yet very simple caricature of Dan Dailey. I didn't know he was in the movie, but I could tell who it was supposed to be before I even heard the character talk. I'll have t get a hold of this film now it's out on DVD. I love the films of that era.

Stephen Worth said...

Natwick animated on that. I have his copy of the model pack. I'll scan it today and post it.

See ya

Stephen Worth said...


I posted the model sheets to this on the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive blog posting about UPA Model Sheets.

Grim's hand is pretty evident in this cartoon. The scene that really stands out, (aside from the underwater witch) is the scene where the dog does the little dance and the father inflates the boat.

See ya

Anonymous said...

The UPA sequences in "The Four Poster" add up to quite a bit of footage. Collectively they did a lot to inspire the fledgling Zagreb Studio in its infancy.

Joe Gannon said...

Was that the voice of Bill "Bulwinkle" Scott as the voice of the dog?