Monday, November 12, 2007

More on South Korea

As South Korea has recently been a topic here, I thought I'd point out an article at by Andrew Leonard talking about the animation industry there and the government's role in the development and maintenance of it.


Midodok said...

Thanks for posting that article! KOCCA is a very active organization in the Korean animation industry. They even support the production of projects that do not necessarily have a guaranteed way to generate income, such as funding a pilot. Some complain that this support leads to projects about traditional Korean themes that, although beautiful and culturally specific, will never really resonate with an audience and have a long life.

In any case, KOCCA affords some vibrancy in the animation industry even if it may just seem political at times.

Samgakji said...

I was going to work for KOCCA as their English language communicator in early 2006.

They decided it wasn't worth having an English speaker on board, which is their choice but from everything I've seen of KOCCA, they certainly need someone/something to sell Korean content abroad instead of winging it through bad ESL skills. KOCCA don't do a good job of promotion- yes SICAF is okay but it comes down to freelance writers interested in the subject to promote Korean animations.

Judging by Midodok's familiar avatar there, I'd say he did his mandatory military sevice with the police.