Tuesday, April 01, 2008

101 Dalmatians: Part 2

This is not all of sequence 001, which runs through Roger and Anita getting soaked. The rest will follow after some commentary on this part of the sequence.


Floyd Norman said...

So good to see this stuff again. I haven't even seen the new DVD release. My friends tell me I'm on the disc.

Once again, this movie was such a breath of fresh air after slogging through "Sleeping Beauty." I think everybody had a good time, and it shows.

The "Old Man" still didn't care for it.

Britni Brault said...

I just found your 101 Dalmatians mosaics and comments=) Thanks for posting and all your hard work. I was wondering if you knew who was credited for the sequence when Anita and Roger get soaked? Anita laughs like one of the step sisters in Cinderella and I didn't think the same character animator did both. It's the way she laughs and puts her finger up to her mouth. Mawgli, The Jungle Book, and Wort, Sword and The Stone, have the same type of case after they are both licked by wolfs/dogs and they rub their faces with their left hand. It must be the same animator. I'm kind of a dork that likes those types of things;)