Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Unfiltered: The Complete Ralph Bakshi

What's short and blurry but still intriguing? This YouTube peak inside the new book on Ralph Bakshi.


Anonymous said...

Ordered my copy in December from Amazon and it arrived in yesterday's mail. I haven't gone out to the bookstores to see if it's prominently displayed, so can't say how good the distribution is. I've read it. It's a worthy book on Bakshi that's, as many have said, long overdue.

Floyd Norman said...

Ralph was the "Crazy Man" of animation. Yet, no matter what the project he was doing, a visit to the Bakshi studio (no matter which one) was always exciting.

I really admire the guy, and we need more like him.

Nancy said...

I've always loved Ralph's sense of design. I enjoyed working for him, and I'm glad that there is finally a book on his animation. He's probably the most influential American animator/director of the last quarter century.

Stephen Worth said...

I've got the book and the pictures are amazing- page after page of them. I'll be doing an interview with Ralph at Comic-Con this year.

See ya

Matt J said...

What a TEASE! I HAVE to get a copy after seeing that-looks great & PACKED with goodies!