Friday, June 11, 2010

Blame It On the Samba

Thad Komorowski has posted a version of "Blame It On the Samba" (from Melody Time) that identifies the animators. The identifications come from JB Kaufman's book South of the Border With Disney.

This has always been a favorite film of mine and it's great to learn that the most spirited animation in it was done by Hal King and Les Clark. Now that so many animator drafts are surfacing, the history of Disney animation needs to be rewritten with much less emphasis on the Thomas-Johnston-Kahl contingent.

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Eric Noble said...

I agree with you. We need to celebrate all of the lesser-known animators as well. Kahl, Thomas, and Johnston were all great animators, but not the only ones. I love hearing about these other animators. To me, their work is just as good as any of the Nine Old Men. Thank you for posting this.