Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Gene Deitch Interview

"I hate the term “2D.” That’s bullshit. They put us in that category. They say they’re making 3D. They’re not 3D. What Pixar does is not 3D because it’s shaded. The screen is flat. It’s a flat picture. It’s just an illusion. There’s only one 3D, Brian, and that’s what you’re looking at with your two eyes. You are seeing real space. It’s all around you. And you can touch the objects and see that they’re really there."
The four part Gene Deitch interview is now complete. Go here for links to all four parts.

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Matt B said...

A great read, thanks for the link Mark.

I loved the Munro clip in part one, and enjoyed a lot of the sentiments expressed in part four from "What was the experience like showing..." onward.

I was wondering if you and perhaps several others, Keith Lango comes to mind as a good candidate, might ever consider doing a Podcast / discussion panel together on topics & questions of your interests relating to animation. When and if you all have time of course.

And just to throw some topics and questions out there.

1) Remakes - Are they, more commonly, an apathetic approach to film making?
2) Can you find more personal delight in simple flat colour graphic 2D shorts than in any highly over-treated, naturalistically rendered CG 3D film yet conceived?
3) Exploring the minds astonishing ability to fathom visuals, be they simple or complex, and how this relates to media and film.

But again, I think listeners would be interested just to hear what you and such others might fall into discussing during a group skype session or something of that nature.