Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guys With Pencils Redux

Adam Hines and Andrew Murray, two Sheridan grads who have been doing an animation-related podcast for more than a year, once again had me on as a guest.  Last time, the talk was about creator rights.  This time, it was more about animation schools and moving into the working world.

Guys With Pencils has had many interesting guests, so take a look at their roster of shows.


Mitchel Kennedy said...

Fantastic podcast! I always love hearing your sobering perspective on the animation industry.

tilcheff said...

Thanks for sharing, Mark!

So many bitter truths about the industry and the lives of animators in only less than 2 hours; so much useful information.

I enjoyed every second of it.
- Nickolay

Matthew said...

Here's some light reading for you Mark.

Leo Baker has just returned from a tour of seven countries on a Winston Churchill Fellowship. His mission: to meet with animators, studios and educators from around the world and help bring some of the world’s best practices back with him.

An industry envoy for animation & the arts. Sounds like a pretty good idea. Perhaps faculties like Sheridan & others should collectively support & sponsor a similar industry envoy endeavour program every couple of years with the aims of researching, amassing & updating a network industry map in service of helping to bring the global arts & animation industries & educational institutions closer together, with the additional benefit of creating a leavers document with further reports & knowledge of value for students to refer to once out in the big bad world.