Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Poe Again

Michael Sporn is once again trying crowdfunding to help finance his animated feature based on the life and work of Edgar Allen Poe, this time using Indigogo.

Readers of this blog will recall that Michael previously tried this using Kickstarter, but the campaign failed to reach its goal. That may cause some of you to think that the project isn't worth supporting.  That's wrong on several counts.

First, I've written about my admiration for Michael here, here and here.  He is exactly what North American animation needs: an independent who is interested in content that Hollywood ignores.  He has a long history of tackling serious subjects and working in a wide variety of design styles.  He values good animation, regularly employing artists of the calibre of  Tissa David, Rudolpho Dimaggio, John Dilworth, Dante Barbetta, etc.  He has collected many awards for his work over the years.

Second, he perseveres.  There are people who, faced with the possibility of failure, don't bother to try.  There are others who try and once they fail, give up.  While nobody likes to fail, it is often a very valuable experience.  Those who fail and try again, using the lessons of the failure to inform their next attempt, are those who eventually succeed.  Michael has scaled down his financial goal and is promoting the campaign daily on his blog.  I will once again be pledging money towards getting this project made.

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