Thursday, June 29, 2006

Excerpts from The Reluctant Dragon

Courtesy of Hans Perk, here are animator identifications for sections of The Reluctant Dragon. The film is available on the DVD Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio, an essential item for anybody interested in Disney history and technique.

I'll have more to say about this in a future entry.


Thad said...

Thanks for pointing out Paul Murry animation! I'm always interested in the animation work of those more esteemed in comic book circles.

This is one of my favorite Disney cartoons, with everything in top form! The dragon and Sir Giles are absolutely hysterical.

- Thad

Jenny Lerew said...

Can't wait to read wat your thoughts are on this...just looking at the screen captures, with what evidence there is there of the differing styles of the names involved, is neat. Thanks!

Ward Jenkins said...

Big heaping mound of thanks to you and Hans! Thanks for doing this, guys!

Scotty said...

This is really cool! I don't know that I had seen this film before I came to LA. But I was fascinated by it because of the designs and the style of movements. Nice look to it all the way round. Thanks for the posting of this info!