Friday, June 23, 2006

Fred Moore's Woody Woodpecker

Fred Moore's late 1940's version of Woody, taken from The Walter Lantz Story by Joe Adamson. You can see Moore's work on Andy Panda here and here, courtesy of Thad K. And of course, for a large sampling of Moore's drawings, check out Jenny Lerew's Blackwing Diaries.


Anonymous said...

These models really synthesized Woody into his best version (although I also love the very first featured in "Knock Knock"). Moore did a wonderful job on both Mickey and Woody.

Thad said...

I wish that the life and beauty of that modelsheet transferred over to Moore's Woody animation. As far as I know, Moore's (and Ken O'Brien's) animation of Woody in "Wet Blanket Policy" and "Wacky-Bye Baby" looked a little sloppier than that of Ed Love or Pat Matthews.

His animation of Andy Panda is some of the best I've ever seen at any studio though.

Mark, how about a mosaic from one of the Woodys Moore worked on?

- Thad