Saturday, June 03, 2006

Lonesome Ghosts

Thanks to Hans Perk for publishing the animator draft for this cartoon. My comments will follow.


Hans Perk said...

Hi, Mark - I believe that your nr. 46 is sc. 44C, Ghosts pushing dresser - by Huemer, not Williams.
Beside that, your mosaic is a brilliant "visual aid". I would like to have the real sc. numbers on there (as they also show story changes etc), but I just put them on for myself.

Ziyue Chen said...

wow! Never had i expected to see them again! Am i really feels good to see them again. They had always been in my mind vividly ever since i start watching disney cartoon as a kid! I wonder if you have a clip of it? Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Your mosaics make it all so crystal clear. I agree with Hans that I'd like the original scene numbers, but that's quibbling since he's already given it.
It's got to be a lot of work to do this. Thanks.

Mark Mayerson said...

Hans, you're right. I've made the correction.

Angeline, this cartoon is available on the DVD Mickey Mouse in Living Color and may be on other Disney DVD's as well.

Mike, these mosaics do take time. However, I find that I learn a lot by doing them, so I don't mind. You can tell a lot about the director, the cutting and how the animators were cast just by staring at the stills. I haven't used the studio numbering because in many cases the numbers are not clear on the copies of documentation I have. That was certainly the case for The Pied Piper of Basin Street. I guess that I'll put them on in the future, since you and Hans both would prefer to see them.