Thursday, May 01, 2008

101 Dalmatians: Part 6

Some quick notes on this sequence with more commentary to follow. Julius Svendsen does some of the animation on TV in this sequence and Didier Ghez posted an article by Svendsen's daughter about her father's job at Disney from Jack and Jill magazine.

The credits on this sequence are somewhat misleading due to the presence of the separate animation on the television. While shot 38 only credits Svendsen, it's likely that the pups on the chair were animated by Hal King with Svendsen doing the material on TV. Similarly, I would bet that Eric Larson is not responsible for the TV animation in shots 61 and 62.

It's a shame that this draft doesn't reveal who is responsible for the Kanine Krunchie commercial or the announcer who reacts with horror when the TV set is turned off. I've always loved those bits.

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